Scratch Stories are Here!

scratch clip for blogStage III kids are working their tails off in Scratch programming class! They have all completed a story, and I’ve published them to the Scratch website for others to enjoy. You can watch all of them, and you will add to their “views” total. If you want to comment, you must be a site member–but memberships are free. It would be a great idea to help your child get their own account! The site is safe, and moderated. Remember to choose a username that doesn’t identify your child or where they live.

Here are the stories:

Vaughn’s story          Taye’s story                   Parker’s story                   Miguel’s story

Marin’s story             Matthew S’s story        Ben NM’s story                Alex’s story

Aiden’s story             Teddy’s story                 Nick’s story                      Luke’s story

Lennon’s story          Jack P’s story                Isaac’s story                     Conor’s story

Clara Y’s story           Clara C’s story               Ben PS’s story                 Alyssa’s story


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