Blogging and Commenting Guidelines

Rules to help us stay safe:

  1. Do not ever use your full name or another student’s full name, either in a post or in a comment. First name or initials only, please! If you are a parent or other relative, you are welcome to identify yourself as “Julie, Kristen’s mom,” or “J.N, K.B.’s aunt.”
  2. Be careful only to post photographs or videos of students if that person and their family have agreed that it is okay. When in doubt, ask me!
  3. All posts and comments are moderated. That means I have to look at them and approve each one before it is published. That also means that it may take some time before your comment shows up online.


Rules to help us have a good experience:

  1. Be kind. Trolling or trash talking is never okay.
  2. Keep your comments on topic. Compliment something specific, or ask a question. That’s how to start a good conversation.
  3. Use your best spelling and grammar. Mistakes are part of the learning journey, but do the best you can. Avoid using texting shortcuts, please!
  4. Any photo or quote taken from the internet must include a link back to the website. It’s only fair to acknowledge the work of other people.

And the Final Rule–Feel free to email me if you have any suggestions, questions or concerns about the blog rules!

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