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“Julie, something happened.”

This is the single most repeated comment I hear from kids in my K-5 computer lab. It can cover a multitude of occurrences:  I accidentally minimized my screen, my mouse disappeared, I scribbled with black  marker on my project, the photo won’t go where I want it, there is an error message I don’t understand, I have the Blue Screen Of Death.Windows_9X_BSOD

And that’s just a sample.

My name is Julie Nemchik, and I am one of the technology/computer teachers at the Roeper Lower School.   I like to think a lot of things happen in my lab, and most of them are pretty cool. I do know I’ve wished many times that I could share the fun/challenging/disastrous things that “happen” here, but that little worry thing kept popping up. How do I share this? How public should my sharing be? How do I manage all the myriad of children who come through my classroom every year? Who would the blog be for–parents, students, other educators?

When I hear that “something happened,” I usually respond by saying, “Can you give me a little more information?!” No doubt some more information about the why of this blog would be helpful too. Well, this year, I’m in a special Technology Initiative group here at Roeper. We are trying to figure out how our school should handle all this new information and accessibility in ways that are safe and still let us show the world how terrific our students here are–not just in what they do, or how they think, but who they are as learners. We are going to try  “learning out loud” — and my task is to try it in the most public way possible, so that others can learn too. So, this blog is for everyone–never forgetting that the safety of our students is the number one priority.

I’m excited to try this, and I hope that you, gentle reader, will help me along the way. Comments are welcome (and moderated–this is an elementary school, after all). I’d love to hear about what you like, and the things I could do better. If you do choose to add your voice, please read the Guidelines for Blogging and Commenting page. And for a more private conversation you can email me using this form.

Thanks for stopping by. Now, I’m going to go make something happen.

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