Image Blender Makeup

I’m getting ready to take down the display of pictures in the hallway outside my room. If you haven’t seen them, they are from a project the second years did a while back. We used Image Blender to find a background picture and then insert each of the kids into that photo by using layers and erase tools. We learned a bit about how to resize and to use the softening tool with the eraser. While the expertise is not always perfect (nor should it be! They are just learning!) the creativity is, as usual, off the charts. Just between you and me, this is one of my favorite projects to do with Stage III. Click on the thumbnails below to see a bigger image.

Not all projects are displayed. Some students forgot to save their work after printing. Others do not have a photo release permission form turned in to the school, so I could not include them. Don’t worry though, all the printed pictures will be coming home at the end of the week.

abby IB alexi IB alexm IB alext IB alyssa IB ava IB bennm IB carter IB Christopher IB cosey IB elizabeth IB elyse IB griffin IB Lennon IB lily IB lucasb IB luke IB marin IB miguel IB noah IB oscar IB sandra IB sean IB stephen IB teddy IB

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